Hello! Welcome to Our Vinland

Why "Our Vinland"? Well, because here in New England we have so many wild grapes that is was once hailed as "vinland". That sort of stuck out in my mind, and really you can't go on a walk anywhere around here without coming across old grapevines. In the fall we love discovering more vines loaded with delicious grapes to bring home to eat and jam. So simple this is our story, of our own little "vinland". 

This space is about our homestead, our adventures and our lives On our little homestead we strive to live deep within the rhythm of each season, enjoying all that each has to offer. We grow as much of our food as we can and we continually to try to simplify our lives and be present in each day.

My name is Abby and you will see Johnny, Anna and Evee here too. We are the Ytzen-Handels and we live in a cozy town on the marsh. Our little home is nestled into the the hillside on our sloped acre, more on that and us soon! 

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(family photo above: Mark Spooner)