Welcome to Our Vinland! I like to share stories of our travels, our homestead and our lives, thanks for stopping by! 

jumping on the blogging train

I've debated this a long time–should I blog, should I not, would it be life giving, or life taking, will it give me a creative outlet or will it become yet another thing on an already long list of things.

Well, I sure as hell don't know. But what I do know . . . I am aching to write.

I started a journal this time last year, noting how we moved through and experienced each season. Recording what we saw, touched, smelled and tasted. Recounting the places we revisited and places we discovered.

Out of that journal this blog is born. This is an account of seasons, food, adventure and people. The purpose, a chance for me to commit to writing and a chance to share life and the season with others. I hope this blog inspires us both to live drenched in the beauty of each season and each day.

So Welcome to our Vinland!