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Weekend Projects and Monday Preservation

Weekend Projects and Monday Preservation

This post is a double feature for 2 reasons. 1 I was too tired to write about the weekend yesterday, and 2, since I am already here, might as well share the cooking project from today!

This weekend was supposed to be a break, one spent hiking and camping. But as the weekend approached we decided to push off romping in the wilderness for another work weekend. This weekends goals… build / a find some furniture that would allow us to “move in” (put away the living room, kitchen and bedroom, or at least get closer).

Saturday we spent the afternoon building a bookshelf for the living out of found / reclaimed wood. It was about a five hour project all said and down. We wanted this piece to function for the whole family (aka, kid friendly). Under the book case is a place that we can slide baskets for Anna’s toys and the first shelf can have books and other child friendly things (basically the area’s she can reach). From there we have records, books, pictures and some of my sculptures. It is not organized to my liking yet, but hey, now we don’t have the record player stacked up on the boxes of books with the toys strung out every where. (oh and that little chair was a yard sale find for $2!, Anna actually rocks in it and reads her books, this is not at all posed! Johnny and I made the little owls on the shelf, this winter we go super into felting animals!)

Sunday, we accidently slept in, I guess we needed it. But we made it to the flea market by 8am in search of a dresser. And we found one! Sure there were some other one that were a little bit more exciting, but for $80 I love it! It is solid wood too, which is awesome! After we got home, Johnny went to work on turning our hobbit closet into shelves!

Of course I found some darling bowls ($4 each, bought all four)! Anna and I had yogurt in them this morning with sliced peaches and wild blueberries!

The other exciting purchase was a beautiful table! It was a little bit of a spurge in the sense that we didn’t come look for a table, but it is already proving a great purchase.  Currently we are using it as additional counter space in kitchen, however we think it will eventually be our dinning room table. It folds out on both sides and has a gorgeous wooden top that I am now using in almost all of my cooking photos! (not the best photo to show off the table, but I am over taking photos right now, but I will take a better photo once the kitchen is further along)

All in all, we are pumped we choose to stay home this weekend because we feel more like we live here now (one step further away from living out of boxes, hurray!)


Johnny and I both woke up late, again, sensing a pattern here. I didn’t even see him for more than a second this morning. Anna thankfully slept in a little too. Needless to say Anna and I felt like we missed out on our family time in the morning, so we brought ice coffee to the crew today to hangout for morning break! It was such a treat to see Johnny, Anna was such a sweetie and sat on her dad’s lap for most of the time!

Late morning and early afternoon I made one of my favorite canning recipes and something new, Elder berry Syrup.

Johnny and I foraged for some elderberries over the weekend, it was easy, they are everywhere right now! So today, I used about a 1/3rd of what we harvested and made syrup!

Elder berries are rich in antioxidants, potassium, beta carotene, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. When made into a syrup it is a wonderful remedy for colds, coughs and flu (take ½–1 tbsp every 2-3 hours). You can also take up to tablespoon daily as an immune pump up! (Doses for children is ½–1 tsp.) Last winter we were given some and loved it, we would take it when we didn’t feel well, and enjoyed it spread on croissants and scones as well as drizzled over ice cream!  (p.s. I made the cutting board was made from reclaimed maple this winter)

I mostly used the recipe on Mountain Rose Herbs Blog, but reference other sources as well. mountainroseblog.com/eder-berries/

1 cup fresh elderberries

3 cups water

1 cup raw local honey (this is important so you get the added healing benefits from the honey)

1 cinnamon stick, 3 cloves and 2 Tbsp. grated fresh ginger

Place everything but honey in a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let simmer for 30 minutes or so. Smash the berries to get all the goodness, strain, and let cool a bit then stir in the honey. Poor into jars, and presto! You are ready for this winter! I have read various things, but I will plan on storing mine in the fridge and use all fall and winter! Enjoy!

So to round out this long post… I am just going to post pictures of the Zucchini Pepper Relish. It is so good, we can devour a jar in one sitting! It is in one of my favorite cookbooks, Food in Jars by Maris McClellan.  I have made many recipes from this book, I always have to put my own spin on things, so I often use her recipes as a starting point, but this relish is perfect as is!

Well, Anna is requesting my attention, so that is all for now and HAPPY MONDAY! 

Oh. And this gem I just found on my camera from when my mom was in town!

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