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January has not historically been my favorite month. It is often the coldest month here in New England, and there is no more Christmas festivities to look forward to. It is a rather dark month as far as day light hours are concerned. And living on the marsh makes it not only cold but awfully windy. 

But you know, it isn't all that bad of a month. I have been reflecting on how I have spent my Januaries these last couple of years and I have to say that I might be starting to really enjoy January. When I am not day dreaming about swimming, working in the garden or warms strolls along the marsh I can actually start to appreciate January. 

Its the slow down, that is what is nice. I am such a busy person, with so much energy and activity. Spring, summer and fall mean so much work on the homestead, so much food to grow and preserve, so many hours to spend out of doors enjoy the extra sunlight. We usually end each year in a sprint to finish of project before winter, to wrap everything up as much as possible before the ground freezes, before the snow comes. And amidst all that is Christmas, so there is a rush there to. All of this business good and full of life, but it is also hard and tiring. By the time we ring in the new year we are tired and longing for rest. 

In the past I have felt guilty about this, felt myself lazy for indulging this sort of slower cozier pace. After finally vocalizing these feelings to Johnny and talking it over with him, I am determined to look at it differently. Now I see this time as a part of our family rhythm.

In January, we have a different pace. we all sleep in. right now sunrise is around 7, if we need to we get up, but if we don't then we are happy not too. Lately the girls have ended up with us in bed (with Anna this occurs at sometime in the early morning, with Evee this happens with her morning nurse between 5:30-6). We all fall back asleep until the sky outside starts to turn. Then we creep down stairs before the girls and have a little time (somedays) to watch the sun come up over the woods behind the field. 

I have taken to late afternoon / early evening rambles on the marsh. There is something I love about being out at that hour. The crisp, quiet winter air, the soft pinks and dusty blues that fill the horizon on a January sunset. Then there is the stars, clear and bright in winters dark sky. Tonight I gazed at Orion and his lovely belt as I walked back from the marsh.

With our house's lack of sufficient insulation, the wind likes to steal our heat, which makes this month especially perfect for baking bread, lots of bread, the oven cranked up to 450, just radiating heat to our little kitchen. Cookies on the weekly. Sourdough pizza at least weekly, and big pots of soup simmering on the stove. Lots of tea and coffee are consumed this month, it seems we always want a warm and cozy drink and not just one, more like ten.


January means books, lot of books. I find I always have a book that I can't put down. In the sprint I told you about from spring to Christmas it can be hard to find time to read all the books I would like to, but in January there is plenty of time for books. Right now I am re reading all the Anne of Green Gables books, they are wonderful, they are inspiring, Anne is inspiring. This January there is even more time for reading, because there is so much time spent baby snuggling and that pair perfectly with a good book. 

By the end of January we start waking up from our slumber, we start dreaming about the gardens and the homestead. We start planning and working on project inside and outside of the homestead, because in February we have to get everything done so that way when march come we are ready incase spring comes early. 

So here we are, a few more days left of our retreat, planning on enjoying them thoroughly. Have a lovely end of January! 

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