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Ode to Summer

Ode to Summer


Tick tock says the clock,
Summer's here,
but soon, too soon
autumn will appear. 

Sweet summer's end is here, and we are busy busy soaking it in and do all the other things that have to be done. The goldenrod, purple loosestrife, queen anne's lace and milkweed are all putting on a show all around us, dancing in the fields. We still take to the lakes and to the sea to cool our bodies and sooth the soul, but I feel the changing, slowly unfolding all around me. 

Summer felt like a blink this year, it raced by and now I can scarcely believe the coolness of the air. As life flies by, I can't help but feel a little sad at the changing of seasons, my baby is almost 1, Anna is 4, Johnny and I are another year around the sun (how did we get so old!). The summer garden is changing, the nights spent on the boat and swimming are nearing their end, soon we will be pulling woolies over our garden feet and our sun kissed shoulders. 


Does anyone else experience the sadness and excitement that comes this time of year? The looking back and looking forward, and wanting today to last a bit longer? 

There is that lists of projects that needed getting done by seasons end and they are not. All the things hoped to do or make that haven't been, those trips of dreams, best intentions for this and that... all leaving me feel like I need to rush around like mad and make time for all the things. 

And then there is all that we have done, projects that have been checked of the list, jars that have been canned, places we saw, adventures we had, wild blueberries we picked and all the time spent in the water...which of course leaves me so filled with summer time bliss and wanting the ease of life outdoors, and muddy garden feet to never end. Would life be better if it was always summer?

But then there is also the joys of looking forward, the orchards full of apples, the cooler temps, the smell of the air in fall, the fires with warm drinks, the cider donuts, the leaves changing, things baking to warm the house and soups on the stove to warm the bodies...sending me into fanciful dreams of what is ahead. And then I think, no maybe I really do want all the seasons (even if summer is my favorite). 

And there is a touch of sorrow mixed in, a certain blueness that comes with every ending (I think I am too nostalgic and sentimental for my own good sometimes). Summer will be gone, and it will be too many days to count until swimming, summer berries, fields of flowers and towering tomato vines. 

So you see what I mean, a soul doesn't know what to properly feel at such a time. 

So I leave you with this...summer evenings spent boating on the marsh and out to hog island, hiking up the hill, taking in the views of the marsh, running back down the hill, taking shelter under ancient trees during a sudden down pour, and jumping of the dock into the cool marsh. Not a soul in site, it was all the the things of dreams and magic. Days, don't move to fast!





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